Covid-19 and Bio Hazard for Cleaning Professionals


Do you want confidence in dealing with Covid-19 in your Cleaning Business? 


In this training we will cover the basic skills and information you'll need to deal with Covid-19 and Bio Hazard work as a Cleaning Professional.

Session 1: Cleaning and Cleanliness
Session 2: Infection Prevention & Control for Covid-19
Session 3: Disinfection Process
Session 4: Practical Guidance for working in

* Residential Homes

* Food and Beverage Businesses

* Office Space

* Gyms and Fitness Studios

* Guest Accomodation

* Hair & Beauty Salons

* Retail Space

* Bathroom and Shower Faclities

Session 5: Additional Resources - Infection control & high touch point disinfection, Florr Cleaning, Surface cleaning and bathroom Cleaning.

Session 6: Bio-Hazard Cleaning

Session 7: Life after Covid-19 Lockdown

Each session is approx 60 mins in length and should give you the information you need to be confident to carry on cleaning safely and professionally in a post Covid-19 reality.


What People Are Saying:

Brilliant! Cant rate these sessions enough. I have ran my business for 7 years in domestic homes but want to get into hoarders and perhaps infection control n the next year or so. I have learned so much from these videos and have definitely helped motivate me.

Bev J

Thanks so much, the course was so informative and made me consider a change in direction - bio-hazard cleaning instead of domestics

HaYley Jayne

Thanks Annette Houston, I have learnt so much and given me the confidence to continue working safely when I start cleaning again x

Emily Saunders

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